yes, people can text you from your website.


Booking an appointment
Asking for a Quote or Estimate
Asking for more details or questions
Reach someone right away
Refer you to friends and family

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Most people don't want to call you. They prefer to TEXT.

How does this work?

The first thing to know, there is NO special software needed. No software is added to your website. Nothing new is added to your phone or the phones of your website visitors.

Instead, this text messaging is using the built in messaging app, that is pre installed in all phones. A simple link on your website triggers pre-filling a message, ready for the website visitor to add to (if they choose to), and SEND it.

You will receive this as a normal text message. You will reply normally as well. No special software. Nothing new to learn.

Did you know 75% of your website visitors don't want to call you? But they DO want to TEXT you.

Once you have their phone number, there is no reason why you can't call them to start the conversation.

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This is introductory pricing, as we are still adding features to the platform.

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